Gas Grill Cooking Methods

There are a couple of different methods you can use to grill your chicken, beef or other types of food. One method is known as direct cooking, and the other method is referred to as grill cooking. Both methods produce very good results but some of these methods to make sure you have nice and crispy results. We will go over the techniques to grill foods in this website.

The first technique we will discuss is known as direct heat cooking works well with charcoal grills. To do this, all you have to do is lay down a couple of large sheets of aluminum foil on the hot grill and put a layer of coals directly on top. Once you flip the steak or chicken on the grill it will cook in just a couple of minutes. The nice thing about this method is that you never have to flip the meat over which gives the food a very crispy texture. This technique also makes sure the grill has nice and even cooked all the way through.

The second technique we will talk about is known as fire pit cooking. To do this, all you have to do is get some good large cast iron pans or other large pans and place a couple of them on either side of the grill. Place two pieces of wood on either side of the fire pit. After you have done that you simply build up the coals until they are almost burning. When the coals are nearly out then you simply transfer the hot coals to one side of the pit and continue grilling until the other side is almost completely lit.

Another great technique for grilling food is to flip your steak or chicken and put the top side on your pan or pot. Then after fifteen minutes or so flip the opposite side and immediately put the top side back on the grill. This will cook the steak or chicken through without burning it at all. If you do not have a foil or aluminum foil pan then you can use aluminum foil but make sure that it is rolled up in foil before putting it over the hot coals.

One other method we would recommend is flipping your meat using tongs rather than your spatula. To do this, all you would have to do is move your tongs up and down in order to turn your meat. You want to make sure to flip only a couple of times, then turn the grills off. I have also noticed that you may find that the thicker rubs tend to stick better to certain kinds of foods. For example, if you have chicken, you would recommend using a tablespoon of breadcrumbs, black pepper, and paprika on each piece of chicken before you flip it. Learn about some grilling methods at

Now, since gas grills are electric it makes sense that you could actually cook your meals right inside the grill without any problem at all. However, to do this you would need to have either a chimney starter or a drip pan in order to create an indirect heat source. If you have these, you could actually place your coals directly over your direct heat source, and then build your coals up to where they are almost burning. This is the perfect way to cook on your gas grill, and it will prevent flare ups and most importantly ensure your food is cooked correctly.

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